Io (イオ?) is a mysterious girl Dana encounters in the Eternian capital Aegias. She has a playful and friendly personality. She is friends with Mia and Sia.

Dana meets her again inside the hidden Sanctuary Crypt, where she shows interest in the monoliths detailing the founding of the Kingdom of Eternia.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Edit

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During the "White Memory" fragment of Dana's past, Io waits for Dana inside the deepest part of the Sanctuary Crypt. Once Dana arrives, Io challenges her to a duel to prove that she's worthy. Io uses an ancient Eternian transformation technique to turn into a winged Primordial. During the fight she uses different forms resembling Dana's own Grattika and Luminous styles.

After Dana manages to defeat Io and reads the monolith containing the last part of the history of the Kingdom of Eternia, Io reveals her true identity. She is in fact the physical manifestation of soul of the first Maiden of the Great Tree. Because her power has weakened over time, she now looks like a child. She built the Temple of the Great Tree and the Sanctuary Crypt beneath it to pass on the truth about the history of the Kingdom, the Great Tree of Origins and the looming Lacrimosa to the future Maidens without the Wardens of Evolution noticing.

Life Edit

The monoliths found throughout the Sanctuary Crypt which tell the true history of the Eternian Kingdom also mention the first Maiden, revealed to be Io. In life, shortly after the Kingdom of Eternia was founded, Io was the leader of a group of Bandits. One day, she tried to rob a man passing by. Before she could strike him with his sword, his calming words made her weep and she started to turn her life around and follow him. The man was Urianus, also known as the Saint of Salvation, a peaceful sage who traveled across the land and helped the poor and sick. He later gathered many more followers.

When Urianus died, it started to rain for over a month. Io then prayed to the Great Tree and the rain stopped. She built the Temple of the Great Tree, where she calmed the Great Tree and received blessings for the Eternians. Her actions were endorsed by the Light King Alchea, who decreed that her temple stood on equal footing as the palace. She remained in the Aegias for the rest of her life as the first Maiden of the Great Tree.

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