The Hundred Years' War (百年戦争) was a conflict between the Kingdom of Gllia and Britai. The war broke out 500 years before the start of the Ys series and continued for approximately a hundred years.

Background Edit

The Hundred Years' War was dominated for the longest time by Britai. That changed when Hrotsvitha, a young woman born in a Gllian family of farmers and known as the Saint, started raising an army. Hrotsvitha managed to turn the tide into the Gllia's favor, take back Balduq and lead Gllia to the victory. However, the royal family of Gllia ostracised her very existence and through a Brittai scheme, she was burned at the stake.

The day that the Balduq Liberation Army led by Hrotsvitha reclaimed Balduq was named and is still celebrated as Victory Day (戦勝記念日). A Memorial Festival (戦勝記念祭) for those that have fallen in battles is also organised.


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