Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana



Attack Attribute


Exclusive Skill


Extra Skill

Calamity Burst

Voice Actor (JP)


Voice Actor (EN)

Sean Chiplock

Hummel Trabaldo (ヒュンメル・トラバルト) is a playable character and part of the main party in YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. He employs as a “Transporter” that is full of mysteries and becomes a castaway on Seiren Island.

He has nothing but pride in his work, and he doesn’t accept anything else except absolute satisfaction from the requests he takes on. He’s also a bit of a neat freak, as proven when he uses the soap Adol gives him to help the children on the group stay clean. He boarded the Lombardia with intentions of arriving on Seiren to deliver a package, but he won’t say anything about the contents or the job. His weapon is composed of a musket rifle equipped with a bayonet. The "gun" itself though in the Ys World, is a state of the art weapon, and was described as a minimized and handheld "cannon".

Hummel is the fourth playable character that Adol and the others found. He agrees to join the party so that he can follow Adol to transport the requested item of his client; who is also in the Isle of Seiren.

As Transporter, Hummel delivers anything, even dead bodies or illegal Items.

As a part of his job, he has three rules that he follows:

  1. Never breach a Contract
  2. Never ask Questions
  3. Never open the Package
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