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Hugo Fact (ユーゴ=ファクト?) is one of the playable main characters of Ys Origin. He is the younger brother of Toal and son of Cain Fact, the most powerful of the Six Priests of Ys.


Raised alongside his brother Toal by Cain Fact, who taught them the value of having power, as well as striving to gain more of it at any cost.

While never on the best of terms, Hugo started truly despising his brother when the latter decided to forfeit his right of inheriting the Fact legacy's responsibilities, opting to join the Holy Knight corps instead. Hugo became the target of his father's obsession, drilling him relentlessly to become the true heir to the House of Fact. 

When six months had passed since the ascension of Solomon Shrine into the heavens, rescuing the surviving people of Ys from the onslaught of demons on the surface, the twin deities of Ys, Feena and Reah, vanished mysteriously. Launching a search party to the lands below, the Six Priests gathered the best knights and mages available. Since Hugo was considered a magical prodigy, and because he volunteered, the young mage descended with the rest of the rescue team into the fiery wastes below.


Hugo is usually very calm and analytical, looking at what he might get himself into before he actually takes action. While he himself considers his manners to be considerate and intelligent, Hugo is still considered rather poor at reading other people's feelings and acting accordingly, leading to more than a few hurtful misunderstandings during the search party's journey. 



Image Name STR Description
Ys Origin Wand.png Wand +23 (Level 1)
+29 (Level 2)
+36 (Level 3)
+51 (Level 4)
+65 (Level 5)
+80 (Level 6)
+92 (Level 7)
A sorcerer's wand, requiring great skill and training to use. Fires bolts of energy from its tip.


Hugo acquires his skills after getting Cerulean Flabellum, Levinstrike Warhammer and Crimson Lotusblade

Image Name Description
Ys0-Hugo-Wind.png Force Shield Hugo's Force Shield encases him in a buoyant bubble of protective energy!
Ys0-Hugo-Thunder.png Trap Mine Hugo's Trap Mines are pressurized with magical energy, erupting on a delay for massive damage!
Ys0-Hugo-Fire.png Fire Wheel Hugo's Fire Wheel transforms the Eyes of Fact into blazing balls of energy!

As boss[]