The Great Tree of Origins is a giant tree found in the center of the Isle of Seiren and can only be seen from the Northern Region. It is nestled just below the Gendarme mountain range and is connected to Aegias, the capital of the Kingdom of Eternia. The tree was created by the Earth Goddess Maia.

Eternian Culture Edit

It is revered by the Eternians as the source of the power called Essence, which brought prosperity to their civilization. It is managed by the Maiden of the Great Tree and her priests and priestesses, who form the clergy of the Eternian culture. The Maiden of the Great Tree also receives visions of the future from the Great Tree, allowing her to effectively rule Eternia together with the Queen of Eternia by taking precautions for crises like poor harvest.

History Edit

Only a few select individuals among the Eternians know the true purpose of the Great Tree of Origins, to foster evolution within all living creatures. The Eternians themselves were originally Saurians who received the blessing of evolution from the Great Tree. The principle behind this evolution is Selection and Rejection: the Great Tree periodically instigates a Lacrimosa, an enormous cataclysm which wipes out all but one species on earth, with the survivors receiving the blessings of evolution. Each Lacrimosa selects the one brightest soul of its time to become an immortal Warden of Evolution, which are to observe and oversee the process of evolution and the Great Tree of Origins.

Events of Ys 8 Edit

After Adol, Dana and their party learn the truth about The Great Tree of Origins they set out to stop the incoming Lacrimosa. They learn of the Tree of Psyches inside Seren Garden, which contains the power to stop the Lacrimosa once fully grown by receiving enough psyches. They manage to let the Tree of Psyches grow enough and Adol obtains the power of the psyches which allows him to enter the Selection Sphere inside The Great Tree of Origins, where the Providence of Evolution lies.

By defeating Theos de Endrogram, the Providence of Evolution, they awakened the Earth Goddess Maia from her sleep. This destroyed the world, as the whole world was part of Maias dream. Maia reconstructed the world, but without the Great Tree of Origins. Dana was made the Goddess of Evolution and is now responsible for the process of evolution, assisted by the other Wardens of Evolution.

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