Gendarme Mountain is a mountain range spanning across the Isle of Seiren and dividing it into a northern and southern half. Scaling the estimatedly 2000 melye high mountain is basically the only way to reach the other side on land.

It's name comes from a conversation between Sahad Nautilus and Laxia von Roswell, where Sahad mentioned the mountain reminded him of Euron, because "it's a real hardass that's always standing at attention". Laxia suggested naming it Gendarme, both after it's pinnacle and after the Gllian word for military police officer.

Gendarme Mountain is home to Ricotta and her adoptive father Thanatos Beldine, who built a cabin on the southern part of the mountain.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Edit

During the events of Ys VIII the mountain is inhabitated by numerous types of Primordials, such as the Giasburn, an enormous aviatic Primordial roosting on Gendarme Mountain's summit. These Primordials are part of the ongoing Lacrimosa.

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