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Geis (ガッシュ?) is a mercenary and recurring character in Ys series that first appeared in Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim alongside his brother Ernst. He later returns in Ys Seven to serve as one of Adol Christin's allies and acts as his rival.

He wields a jet-black poleaxe with frightening skill, manipulates talismans for sorcery and commands alchemically-created fairies inherited from his brother Ernst. He is endlessly critical of Adol and the two of them are often at odds with one another, but ultimately respects his ability and strengths, and reluctantly counts him among his allies.


Before the events of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, it is revealed in Ys: Memories of Celceta that Geis is originally from the village of Danan where many members of the Clan of Darkness reside. When Ernst and Gruda left the village in search of power, Geis pursued them in hopes of stopping them before they follow their ancestors' course of action and cause major damage to the world.

According to Ys Seven, Geis went to the Kingdom of Altago to look for seal arts so he can defeat Ernst. Geis came across Ciarius who taught Geis the seal arts he desired. However, the deal required Geis to return the favor someday when he goes back to Altago.

In Games[]

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim[]

He encounters Adol when the latter is exploring the Mythos Path. He then challenges Adol to a duel to test their skills, and Adol agrees. After the duel, he tells Adol to not interfere with local affairs. Later, he places talismans on some pillars in the Zemeth Sanctum and tells Adol not to remove them. Later, Adol walks in on an argument between Geis and Ord. When the Great Vortex is temporarily dissipated, Geis discovers that the talismans were removed and blames Adol for removing them, only to have Raba explain to him that the culprits responsible for removing the talismans are Baslam and his workers. After Adol defeated Lanaluna, Agares and his troops cornered Adol and Olha who Agares held hostage intending to enslave. Geis kills them and rescues Adol and Olha from this situation. Geis later shows up in the Ruined City of Kishgal, and is cleared along with Adol to go into the Ark of Napishtim. They split. Geis then fought Ernst and lost while Adol defeated Galba-Roa, the original Galbalan. Adol then found Geis, and Geis asked Adol to defeat his brother. Adol and Geis escape the Ark of Napishtim after Adol was forced to destroy it. Geis also inherits Ernst's three fairies.

Ys Seven[]

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox[]

Ys9-Credo Ending.png

He cameoed in the ending cutscene behind Hawk holding his signature halberd. [2]



Name Base Stats Skill Price Sell Cost Materials / Acquire
Halberd Halberd STR +114 Reaper Reaper 10000 G
Slash Slash: Geis' favorite poleaxe. Oriented for slash attacks.
Trident Trident STR +137 Flashlance Flashlance 10000 G Ruins Island
Slash Slash: Three-pointed spears bearing the mark of Grattheos.
Crescent Axe Crescent Axe STR +145 Dragon Fang Dragon Fang 25000 G 12500 G
Slash Slash: Large poleaxe with a blade curved like a crescent.
Glaive Glaive STR +153 Trapster Trapster 30000 G 15000 G
Slash Slash: Poleaxe with a distinctive small blade.
Storm Axe Storm Axe STR +171 Spiral Slash Spiral Slash 15000 G 3000 G Earth Stone Earth Stone x20
Iron Ore Iron Ore x20
Sapling Sapling x10
Thick Hide Thick Hide x5
Slash Slash: Has a large blade modeled after a whirlwind.
Bardiche Bardiche STR +181 Helm Splitter Helm Splitter 35000 G 17500 G
Slash Slash: Battle axe with an enormous, intimidating blade.
Corcesca Corcesca STR +211 Wolf Fang Wolf Fang 17500 G 3500 G Fire Stone Fire Stone x20
Iron Ore Iron Ore x20
Dry Wood Dry Wood x10
Thick Hide Thick Hide x5
Slash Slash: Multi-purpose spear with a cross-shaped blade.
Vahara Vahara STR +223 Fly Fish Fly Fish 40000 G 20000 G
Slash Slash: Poleaxe traditionally held by guardsmen.
Setine-Rui Setine-Rui STR +261 Cross Slasher Cross Slasher 25000 G 4000 G Wind Stone Wind Stone x20
Iron Ore Iron Ore x20
Withered Hardwood Withered Hardwood x10
Thick Hide Thick Hide x5
Slash Slash: Said to have been wielded by Holy Precinct guards.
Great Axe Great Axe STR +275 Sorcery Antlion Sorcery: Antlion 50000 G 25000 G
Slash Slash: Giant poleaxe used by heavy infantry.
Fang Lance Fang Lance STR +305 Wind Slash Wind Slash 25000 G 5000 G Sea Stone Sea Stone x20
Iron Ore Iron Ore x20
Fossilized Twig Fossilized Twig x10
Thick Hide Thick Hide x5
Slash Slash: Spear with a blade modeled after titano fangs.
Sid-Rondo Sid-Rondo STR +320 Cross Crusher Cross Crusher 25000 G Sea Sanctum
Slash Slash: Spear that once belonged to a notorious pirate.
Executor Executor STR +337 Axe Arts Ravage Axe Arts: Ravage 50000 G 25000 G
Slash Slash: Big sickle said to have been used to judge felons.
Dueler Dueler STR +375 Cross Crusher Cross Crusher 50000 G Well of Souls
Slash Slash: Spear with numerous battle scars.
Soen-Halix Soen-Halix STR +417 Flashlance Flashlance 50000 G 10000 G Moon Stone Moon Stone x5
Iron Ore Iron Ore x20
Fossilized Twig Fossilized Twig x10
Thick Hide Thick Hide x5
Slash Slash: Trident with unparalleled sharpness.
Zeno-Ides Zeno-Ides STR +480 Cross Crusher Cross Crusher 0 G Moon Stone Moon Stone x50
Soul Stone Soul Stone x50
Crystallized Twig Crystallized Twig x10
Thick Hide Thick Hide x5
Slash Slash: Poleaxe of unequaled strength.
full list -edit


Icon Skill Name Cost Description
Reaper Reaper 10 SP Knocks down nearby enemies by cutting at their feet.
Wind Slash Wind Slash 10 SP A ranged slash carried by the wind.
Trapster Trapster 10 SP Places an amulet that explodes on contact.
Helm Splitter Helm Splitter 10 SP Flips to unleash a powerful attack with increased stun.
Fly Fish Fly Fish 10 SP Stabs with the polearm, then swings upward.
Flashlance Flashlance 20 SP Slashes upward multiple times to knock down enemy.
Wolf Fang Wolf Fang 20 SP Charges at the enemy while spinning.
Sorcery Antlion Sorcery: Antlion 20 SP Throws down damaging amulets that draws in enemies.
Cross Slasher Cross Slasher 20 SP Creates a cross-shaped shockwave in the air.
Spiral Slash Spiral Slash 40 SP Draws in nearby enemies and shreds them.
Axe Arts Ravage Axe Arts: Ravage 40 SP Rapid strikes followed by an upward slash.
Dragon Fang Dragon Fang 40 SP Spins violently to hit the enemy multiple times.
Cross Crusher Cross Crusher 80 SP Creates a cross-shaped shockwave on the ground.
Fairy Annihilation Fairy Annihilation
Note: Multiple EXTRA skills available, see this page for details

Support Ability[]

  • Experience gained multiplier.



  • His skill with halberds seems to be passed down from generations to generations in the Clan of Darkness as other members of the clan such as Frieda and Kishgal who also exhibit similar skill with halberds.


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