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Frieda (フリーダ?) is a female knight from the village of Danan who also serves as a storyteller. She has a homunculus fairy, Nina, as a partner and wields a halberd.


In Games[]

Ys: Memories of Celceta[]

Frieda's Roo form: Frooda



Name Stats Price Sells Acquire
Ys4-Ancient Halberd.png Ancient Halberd STR 160 13000 G 3250 G Initial weapon
Ancient halberd passed through the ages in Danan.
Ys4-Great Halberd.png Great Halberd STR 165 16000 G 4000 G Store Purchase
Used by heavily-armored Romun soldiers. Very strong.
Ys4-Cruel Axe.png Incredible Icy Halberd STR 170
Freezing 30%
Side quest Mega Weapon Test
Forged in Selray. Freezes all who bear it.
Ys4-Cruel Axe.png Cruel Axe STR 171
Freezing 30%
17500 G 4375 G Side quest Mega Weapon Test
Refined in Selray. Freezes all who oppose its wielder.
Ys4-Rune Glaive.png Rune Glaive STR 210 20000 G 5000 G Store Purchase
Double-edged sword glowing with holy power.
Ys4-Elysium.png Elysium STR 255 30000 G 7500 G (Chest) Iris, The World Of Records
Halberd spawned from hell to admonish Darklings.
Ys4-Echidna Halberd.png Echidna Halberd STR 278 50000 G 12500 G Side quest Legendary Weapon
Recreated using rare ore. Harvests the souls of foes.
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Icon Skill Name Cost Description
Ys4-Hurricane Spin.png Hurricane Spin 10 SP Spins halberd, aiming for the feet of surrounding enemies.
Ys4-Fairy Strike.png Fairy Strike 10 SP Summons Nina to force a drop item from the enemy's grip.
Ys4-Demonic Edge.png Demonic Edge 10 SP Uses fighting spirit to raise the party's STR.
Ys4-Demonic Vortex.png Demonic Vortex 20 SP Creates a vortex, drawing in enemies for multiple hits.
Ys4-Cocytus Drive.png Cocytus Drive 40 SP Creates a line of ice pillars to launch enemies upward.
Ys4-Ice Javelin.png Ice Javelin 20 SP Fires a continuous barrage of ice pillars from above.
Ys4-Icicle Drop.png Icicle Drop 20 SP Attacks with a block of ice from above. Causes Freezing.
Ys4-Ice Pillar.png Ice Pillar 10 SP Summons a sharp ice pillar to launch an enemy upward.
Ys4-Destruction Dance.png Destruction Dance 40 SP Swings halberd repeatedly, then launches enemies upward.
Ys4-Phosphorous Moon.png Phosphorous Moon 20 SP Approaches foe, thrusting forward and launching upward.
Ys4-Frozen Prison.png Frozen Prison
Multiple EXTRA skills available, see this page for details

Unique Action[]

Seal Fissure: Freeze cracks on the ground to allow passage.