The Five Dragons of Altago is a collective term used to describe the five deities that watch over the land of Altago. They are immortal beings that have existed since the creation of the land. Their purpose is to sustain and balance all life forces via Dragon Energy. Each of the five dragon rule over a different domain which were revered by the Five Tribes of Altago

They compose of the following:

When the balance of life forces are upset, the Eldress of Iska will call forth the Wind of Destruction. This will signal the five Dragons to summon before them a Dragon Warrior which would seek to stop the Wind of Destruction. The true nature of the Wind of Destruction is actually to summon the Root of All Existence to bring about the end of the current cycle of life. As the Five Dragons also serve to counterbalance the Root, even if the Dragon Warrior were to fail in stopping the Wind, the five Dragons will again serve to participate in a new cycle of creation where all life will be reborn and resustain once again. This process has taken place several times in the past.

With the destruction of Rul-Ende, the Five Dragons also ceast to exist along with their Dragon Energy.

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