Felghana (フェルガナ地方) is a region in northern Europe, situated between Gllia and Garman. It serves as the setting for Ys III: Wanderers from Ys and Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

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Surrounded by mountains and the Sienna Bay (シエナ湾), Felghana's development has been lagging behind. Its inhabitants enjoy a modest but steady life, built on the mining of the high-quality rock mineral native to the region known as raval ore (ラバール鉱).

Before the start of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys and Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Romn noble Count McGuire took control of the area. He levied exorbitantly high taxes and pressured the people into forced labor. Furthermore, he established chapels to spread the influence of Romn's official religion, deo-christa. Faith is strong among the people, but they also hold on to their traditional animist religion deo-anima and continue to pass down legends and folklore.

Days before Adol Christin and Dogi arrive in Felghana, Dogi's home region, Count McGuire ordered the closure of Tigray Quarry, Redmont Town's primary source of income.

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Redmont Town - Official Artwork (Oath in Felghana)

Redmont Town is a trading town in what could be described as the centre of Felghana. Since ancient times it flourished through the mining and trade of raval ore. Two decades ago, the arrival of Romn noble Count McGuire and the subsequent construction of the Valestein Castle burdened the people with high taxes and forced labor.

Illburns Ruins - Official Artwork (Oath in Felghana)

Illburns Ruins are ruins located near the Illburns Volcano. The ruins have been there for centuries and is off-limits for anyone not affiliated with the church. It is believed to have been a religious site devoted to a long-lost pagan deity.

Tigray Quarry is the quarry on which Redmont has relied on since ancient times. Its inhabitants managed to eke out a living through the mining of the high-quality rock mineral native to the region known as raval ore.

Elderm Mountains - Official Artwork (Oath in Felghana)

Elderm Mountains refers to the mountain range between Felghana and Gllia. Believers of the old deo-anima religion revered the mountains as a sacred site. With the animist beliefs gone, few have reason to scale the mountains.

Valestein Castle - Official Artwork (Oath in Felghana)

Valestein Castle is a robust fort that Count McGuire had built two decades ago. Knights hired by McGuire protect the castle. A clock tower was added to the castle more recently, built right off the chapel, and considered ostentatious even by Romun standards.

Genos Island is an old, deserted island out in Sienna Bay. The small village that once called the island its home was ravaged and destroyed by disease twelve years prior.

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