Fatima (ファティマ) is the current Eldress of Shannoa and the grandmother of Elk. She currently resides in the Village of Shannoa. Despite her weak stature, she still possess a sense of cunning that can get others to do her bidding. For example, when the Dragon Knights went to her village to look for Adol, she took the chance to get them to clear out a nest of Titanos just before the knights leave.

Fatima helps Adol on several occasions in his quest. When Elk brought Adol to see her, Fatima openly welcomed them and gave Adol the key needed to enter the Ancient Tree. Upon Adol's second visit to the village in needing to enter the Earth Sanctum, Fatima taught Elk the incantations needed to enter.

When the City of Altago was sacked, Fatima joined with the elders from the other tribes in running matters in the capital until the chaos settled down. It is heavily implied that Fatima's only successor is Elk ever since Elk's parents were killed by the titano Zeran Fith.

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