Euron (or Aaron in the PlayStation Vita version) is an officer of the Romun Empire military police. He has a rough personality and an intimidating appearance and tends to use swear words very often. Nevertheless he is respected by the other castaways in Castaway Village for his great crafting skills and leadership.

Character Plot Edit

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He boarded the Lombardia after receiving a tip by his partner that the wanted Romun serial killer known as Nameless Ripper boarded the ship. He planned to meet his partner on the Lombardia but couldn't find him. After the Lombardia shipwrecked, Euron was washed ashore on the Isle of Seiren like most passengers.

Not long after he was found by Adol and his friends and brought to Castaway Village, Captain Barbaros was attacked by the Nameless Ripper. He explained his circumstances to the other castaways and began to investigate. They soon found a steel wire trap, which Euron recognized as weapon commonly used by Romun soldiers for guerrilla warfare. Combining this with the knowledge from asking around the village they found their suspect. When confronted, the suspect revealed their identity and fled. On pursuit, Captain Barbaros walked into one of the Nameless Ripper's traps and received a fatal wound. Euron looks after Barbaros while Adol pursued the Nameless Ripper. Euron takes over certain duties of Barbaros afterwards.

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