The Eternians were an ancient civilization that lived during the Eternian Era, long before humans existed. Through the use of a mysterious power called Essence granted to them by the Great Tree of Origins they built a technologically advanced society in the Kingdom of Eternia.

Appearance Edit

Ys 8 Eternians

Various Eternians gathered to view the Arboreal Awakening ritual

Eternians looked very much like humans but were generally taller and had greater physical strength. This stems from the fact that they had been evolved from Primordials, or Saurians as the Eternians called them, trough the Great Trees blessings.

They generally wore light clothing, often revealing their stomachs, arms and legs, complemented by various types of jewellery. Elderly and people in certain positions such as Essence Maester wore long robes instead. The Eternians wore the same type of clothing even during winters, as they had Essence equipment to protect them from cold weather to a degree.

Society Edit

The Eternian society was based around the royal family as the head of state and the Maiden of the Great Tree as their spiritual leader. The visions of the future the Maiden receives by the Great Tree helped them avoid or take precautions against disasters like wildfires, floods or famines.

Aegias, the capital of the Kingdom of Eternia, built under Light King Alchea right by the Great Tree, was one of the leading centers of Eternian culture and a major trading city. Not much is known about the Eternians living outside of Aegias.

Downfall Edit

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The end of the Eternian civilization was brought by the Lacrimosa of the Great Tree. It came in the form of a meteor shower, followed by earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions that filled the sky with ash. This induced a change in climate which slowly killed off the remaining Eternians, with the exception of Dana Iclucia, as she became an immortal Warden of Evolution.

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