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Epona (エポナ?) is a member of the Darklings, the antagonists of Ys Origin. She is Kishgal's younger sister.

Ys Origin[]

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As Hugo Fact[]

Despite initially clashing with Hugo and being from two opposing factions, Epona and Hugo end up helping each other out occasionally while both are searching through Darm Tower. They are shown to eventually develop feelings for each other. The leader of the Darklings, Dalles, ends up petrifying Epona for her betrayal, and she dies in Hugo's arms.

As Toal Fact[]

At the end of the game, after the demonic essence was sealed away, Epona remained the only survivor of all the Darklings who had been involved in the fall of ancient Ys. In the epilogue, Hugo mentions that Epona was returning home for a time to report what had happened, and that he thinks she will probably return to Ys later.

As boss[]

Epona attacks quickly with her trident and attacks from mid to close range. Sometimes she will charge a fire attack at the player character and create a short window of vulnerability. When her opponent is far away from her, she will shoot a set of trident heads at them from a distance.



  • The name Epona seems to come from Epona of Gallo-Roman religion.