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EXTRA gauge is a game mechanic that is introduced with party members. It functions similarly to boost mode, in that it unleashes the character's ultimate skill.

Extra Skills[]

EXTRA skill is different from each party member, and is different for Adol across all games so far. When an EXTRA skill is triggered, a character cut-in will show.

Ys Seven[]

Character EXTRA skill Acquire
Adol Christin Lunar Blade Lunar Blade Received Moon Seal Moon Seal
Lunar Crystal Blade Lunar Crystal Blade Received Sea Seal Sea Seal
Lunar Dragon Blade Lunar Dragon Blade Received Moon Dragon Stone Moon Dragon Stone
Dogi Power Strike Power Strike Received Moon Seal Moon Seal
Invincible Strike Invincible Strike Received Sea Seal Sea Seal
Ultimate Strike Ultimate Strike Complete Side Quest #{{{1}}}.
Geis Fairy Strike Fairy Strike
Fairy Blast Fairy Blast Received Sea Seal Sea Seal
Fairy Annihilation Fairy Annihilation Complete Side Quest #{{{1}}}.
Aisha / Sigroon Arrow Rain Arrow Rain
Ocean Squall Ocean Squall Received Sea Seal Sea Seal
Azure Destruction Azure Destruction Received Sea Dragon Stone Sea Dragon Stone
Elk Forest Shield Forest Shield
Grand Guard Grand Guard Received Sea Seal Sea Seal
Geo Cluster Geo Cluster Received Earth Dragon Stone Earth Dragon Stone
Mishera Turbulence Turbulence
Geo Stream Geo Stream Received Sea Seal Sea Seal
Wind Legion Wind Legion Received Wind Dragon Stone Wind Dragon Stone
Mustafa/Cruxie Flame Hazard Flame Hazard
Inferno Inferno Received Sea Seal Sea Seal
Catastrophe Catastrophe Received Flame Dragon Stone Flame Dragon Stone

Ys: Memories of Celceta[]

Each character has a second EXTRA skill when they are equipped with Hero Ring Hero Ring

Character EXTRA skill EXTRA skill 2
Adol Christin Ys4-Sol Breaker.png Sol Breaker Ys4-Arc Strike.png Arc Strike
Duren Ys4-Pulverizing Strike.png Pulverizing Strike Ys4-Detonating Impact.png Detonating Impact
Karna Ys4-Violent Tempest.png Violent Tempest Ys4-Last Resort.png Last Resort
Ozma Ys4-Relentless Assault.png Relentless Assault Ys4-Divine Maelstrom.png Divine Maelstrom
Calilica Ys4-Thunder Strike.png Thunder Strike Ys4-Purgatory.png Purgatory
Frieda Ys4-Frozen Prison.png Frozen Prison Ys4-Butterfly Assault.png Butterfly Assault

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana[]

Character EXTRA skill
Adol Christin Excel-Calibur
Laxia von Roswell Noble Barrage
Sahad Nautilus Celestial Crash
Hummel Trabaldo Calamity Burst
Ricotta Beldine Wild Scramble
Dana Iclucia Glacial Blade Dance (Iclucian form)

Destruction Glimmer (Gratika form)
Lightning Fang Flash (Luminous form)

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox[]

The EXTRA Skill in Ys IX can only be activated if the player is already in Boost mode.

Character EXTRA skill
Crimson King Crimson Slash
White Cat Albion Strike
Hawk Azure Massacre
Doll Carnival Maiden
Raging Bull Taurus Rush
Renegade Satanas Desire