Dreisen (ドライゼン将軍) is the General of the Dragon Knights, father of Mustafa and Cruxie. Before the war between the Kingdom of Altago and Romun, Dreisen held the role of the Elder of Segram. After the outbreak of the war, King Kiemarl summoned him to the frontline and the role of Elder was passed on to Mustafa. Dreisen proved to be exceptionally important during the war which helped Altago and Romun to reach the truce they both later sought.

In Ys Seven, Adol and Dogi first met the general on their return to report their findings from the newly opened cave. Dreisen later revealed to Adol that he was from Segram and he agreed to write them an introduction letter to the current Eldress of Segram. After Adol and company left for the Ruins Island, King Kiemarl was assassinated which prompted Dreisen to lead a personal warship to the island to apprehand Adol and company. At most times, Dreisen seems to let Orbus make the final decision for Adol's punishment, including the latter's execution. 

During the Massacre in the Palace, Dreisen stayed by princess Aisha's side until he was struck down by Scias after exchanging several blows. He became gravely injured for the rest of the game. In the ending, it is seen that he has recovered and still commands the Dragon Knights.

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