Dorman (ドーマン) is a wealthy merchant from Xandria and a minor antagonist in Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of Sand.


After Stan found the light crystal three years before the end of the game, Dorman became obsessed with the power of alchemy. This allowed Rije, the royalty from Kefin who just arrived at the outside world, to manipulate him easily as she informed him about Kefin and its alchemy and formed the partnership with him. In order to break the seal on Kefin and obtain the power of alchemy that lies in the ancient city for himself, Dorman hired many adventurers and had them search for the remaining crystals across Xandria.

In GamesEdit

Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of SandEdit

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Adol first meets Dorman when one of Dorman's servants tells Adol about Dorman's search for the ancient city. When Adol visits Dorman at his mansion, he states his intention to search for the mystical alchemy from the lost city of Kefin, claiming that such power can be used to stop the recent desertification of Xandria. When Adol agrees to help, Dorman shows the light crystal and hires Adol to look for rest of the crystals.

By the time Adol collects all the crystals and begins to realize what the unsealing of Kefin would entail, Dorman reveals his true colors, demanding Adol to hand over all the crystals while holding Niena as a hostage. He then takes Adol and the Evil gang to his private island where he performs the ritual to break the seal on Kefin. However, the seal on Kefin doesn't get broken as Alga, the leader of the Evil gang, reveals that the water crystal that she handed over to Dorman is a fake. Enraged that he has been tricked, he uses his own alchemy to transform into an abomination and attacks Adol. After a grueling battle, Adol wins.

Unfortunately, it is at this point that Rije reveals her identity as the true mastermind behind Dorman. Holding Niena as a hostage, she takes the water crystal and completes the ritual, causing the ancient city of Kefin to appear once again.



  • In the original concept, Dorman was a descendant of the royalty of Narum, the kingdom that was destroyed by Kefin hundreds of years of ago. His reason for seeking alchemy was to rebuild the kingdom of Narum.
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