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Dogi's the name, and wall-crushing's my game. Pleased to meet ya'! ~ Dogi

Dogi (ドギ?) (pronounced as "Dohggy") is Adol Christin's long-time companion and best friend, the blue-haired kindly giant with a knack for crushing walls (or boulders) with his bare hands. Introduced as a thief who breaks Adol out of prison in the first Ys, he has become Adol's traveling companion in the majority of the series.

In Games[]

Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen[]

Dogi is first mentioned as a member of Goban Tovah's group of thieves who had entered the Darm Tower. Later in the game, Adol enters Darm Tower himself and gets caught in a magical trap that teleports him into a prison cell without any exit. Shortly after, Dogi crushes the wall of the prison cell and frees Adol, marking the first time the two meet, forging a friendship almost immediately. Dogi tells Adol to look for Raba, a wise old man who knows the Darm Tower, and to return an idol that Raba lost.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim[]

In the prologue of Ys VI, Adol and Dogi are approached by the pirate Captain Ladoc while resting in Ediz. Ladoc tells them of the Canaan Islands, which are surrounded by a mysterious Vortex which makes approaching the islands impossible. Adol and Dogi agree to board Ladoc's ship, the Tres Mares, and to explore the Canaan Islands together. However, they get attacked by the Romun Fleet and Adol is thrown over board. Dogi and the crew of the Tres Mares manage to escape the Romun attack by fleeing into the Great Vortex of Canaan. Though the Tres Mares is heavily damaged, they successfully pass through the Vortex and dock at the Sunrise Inlet on the eastern shore of Canaan Island.

While looking for resources to repair their ship, Dogi busts open a blocked path, which connects the Sunrise Inlet to the Limewater Cave. Coincidentally, this was right after Adol had reached the end of the Limewater Cave and the two reunited once again. Dogi then goes to Port Rimorge with Adol, Ladoc and Terra both to obtain resources and because he heard from Adol that Raba is now living there.

Later, while Adol and Terra are rescuing the Rehda who were kidnapped by the Romun soldiers, Dogi and Ladoc go to the Zemeth Sanctum to rescue Isha from Ernst. Though the two manage to incapacitate all of Ernsts soldiers, Ernst releases the final seal on the Ark of Napishtim, which forces them to retreat back to Port Rimorge.

In the end Dogi, Adol and the crew of the Tres Mares return towards Eresia.

Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga[]

In Alternative Saga, Dogi is a formidable opponent in the right hands, having by far the highest endurance of all the characters and surprisingly high power. While he's dreadfully slow, his strength combined with the usefulness and sheer power of his skills makes him a good choice for moderate to skilled players. 

Character Notes[]


Adol's good friend and muscle-bound partner. Though rough around the edges, he is an honorable, kindhearted man.

Character Note 1 Skilled Laborer
Adept at both manual labor and careful construction, he focuses his efforts on fortifying Castaway Village.
Character Note 2 Dependable
His actions have earned him a reputation for being very dependable. He has become the go-to guy for help.
Character Note 3 A Partner's Promise
Over drinks, he confided his worries about Adol to him. Still, he laughed off the imminent danger as nothing new.


【Wandering Strongman】
Adol's adventuring partner of many years. After being with him for so long, the supernatural doesn't faze him much anymore.

Character Note 1 Dogi the Wallcrusher
The strongman event he joined was canceled, but not before the ex-thief riled the crowd with his strength as Dogi the Wallcrusher.
Character Note 2 First Encounter
He and Adol fondly exchange stories of old days while eating apples picked in Esteria, the land where they'd met seven years ago.
Character Note 3 Bosom Buddies
Having overcome numerous trials before, his and Adol's deep bond and strong curiosity move them ahead no matter what awaits.


【Traveling Companion】
An easy-going former wandering thief. After meeting Adol in Esteria he turned a new leaf and started traveling with him.

Character Note 1 Igi
Yolds takes a liking to Dogi, and turns him into a puppet. Although he once stood as an obstacle before Adol, he was able to be purified and restored to his original form.
Character Note 2 Fascinated with adventure
When he was invited by the Normans to join their crew, he hesitated at first, but eventually decided to travel with Adol after speaking with him.



Name Base Stats Skill Price Sell Cost Materials / Acquire
Sphairai Sphairai STR +8 Combination Combination 500 G 250 G
Strike Strike: Gloves reinforced with wound leather straps.
Monster Hide Monster Hide STR +10 Uppercut Uppercut 500 G 100 G Monster Hide Monster Hide x20
Bone Fragment Bone Fragment x10
Strike Strike: Made from Altaginian monster hides.
Spiked Steel Guard Spiked Steel Guard STR +17 Bash Bash 2000 G 1000 G
Strike Strike: Knuckles with steel spikes added for more power.
Leather Gauntlet Leather Gauntlet STR +22 Combination Combination 1500 G 300 G Charcoal Charcoal x10
Thick Hide Thick Hide x30
Monster Bone Monster Bone x20
Strike Strike: Gauntlet covered in a flexible yet durable leather.
Shakudo Kote Shakudo Kote STR +36 Uppercut Uppercut 10000 G 5000 G
Strike Strike: Made from tempered copper.
Apili Knuckle Apili Knuckle STR +45 Kaiser Rush Kaiser Rush 6000 G 1200 G Hot Sandstone Hot Sandstone x10
Iron Ore Iron Ore x10
Large Bone Large Bone x20
Hard Hide Hard Hide x30
Strike Strike: Knuckles used by Segramite warriors.
Bak-Nak Bak-Nak STR +80 Bash Bash 15000 G 7500 G
Strike Strike: Hidden claws extend when fists are clenched.
Genna Genna STR +97 Blaster Kick Blaster Kick 9000 G 1800 G Ashen Rock Ashen Rock x10
Thin Hide Thin Hide x30
Monster Scale Monster Scale x10
Monster Horn Monster Horn x20
Strike Strike: Modeled after ancient war gear.
Gauntlet Gauntlet STR +104 Might Quake Might Quake 20000 G 10000 G
Strike Strike: Often worn by cavalry to protect the arms.
Garman Cestus Garman Cestus STR +124 Crusher Crusher 10000 G Ruins Island
Strike Strike: Imported arm guard used by Garman mercenaries.
Shikon Kote Shikon Kote STR +131 Aura Impact Aura Impact 25000 G 12500 G
Strike Strike: Dark violet arm guard made for finger mobility.
Iron Gauntlet Iron Gauntlet STR +139 Earth Knocker Earth Knocker 30000 G 15000 G
Strike Strike: Gauntlet reinforced with an iron plate for battle.
Kinley Cestus Kinley Cestus STR +155 Crusher Crusher 15000 G 3000 G Earth Stone Earth Stone x10
Thick Hide Thick Hide x30
Monster Claw Monster Claw x20
Strike Strike: Arm guard of a legendary hunter.
Veim Knuckle Veim Knuckle STR +163 Kaiser Rush Kaiser Rush 35000 G 17500 G
Strike Strike: A blacksmith's glove reforged fir use in combat.
Sunagui Kote Sunagui Kote STR +191 Roundhouse Kick Roundhouse Kick 17500 G 3500 G Fire Stone Fire Stone x10
Hard Hide Hard Hide x30
Monster Fang Monster Fang x20
Strike Strike: Arm guard modeled after the titano, "sand-eater."
Kokugin Kote Kokugin Kote STR +201 Wild Rage Wild Rage 40000 G 20000 G
Strike Strike: Sturdy arm guard made of dark iron.
Elha Knuckle Elha Knuckle STR +224 Aura Impact Aura Impact 20000 G 4000 G Wind Stone Wind Stone x10
Thin Hide Thin Hide x30
Monster Horn Monster Horn x20
Strike Strike: Said to have been used by the Wind Sanctum guardian.
Bone Gauntlet Bone Gauntlet STR +249 Straight Right Straight Right 50000 G 25000 G
Strike Strike: Arm guard carved from monster bone.
Titano Gaunlet Titano Gaunlet ?? ?? ?? ?? G
: to be added
Great Arm Great Arm STR +290 Grand Slam Grand Slam 25000 G Sea Sanctum
Strike Strike: Arm guard tempered to its limits.
Lien-Genna Lien-Genna STR +305 Wild Rage Wild Rage 50000 G 25000 G
Strike Strike: Ancient warriors' arm guard from the Iskan Records.
Lunar Carapace Lunar Carapace STR +339 Grand Slam Grand Slam 50000 G Well of Souls
Strike Strike: Arm guard with a moon-shaped ornament.
Inoryi Inoryi STR +377 Wild Rage Wild Rage 50000 G 10000 G Moon Stone Moon Stone x5
Thin Hide Thin Hide x50
Strike Strike: Can be forged only by Iskan blacksmiths.
Serisent-Noa Serisent-Noa STR +434 Grand Slam Grand Slam 0 G Moon Stone Moon Stone x50
Soul Stone Soul Stone x50
Hard Hide Hard Hide x50
Strike Strike: Unparalleled in strength. Made from soul stones.
full list -edit


Icon Skill Name Cost Description
Bash Bash 12 SP Knocks down enemies with fists. Increase stun.
Combination Combination 12 SP Unleashes a 3-hit combo.
Aura Impact Aura Impact 12 SP Hits distant enemies with an orb made of energy.
Crusher Crusher 12 SP Throws self at the enemy for a powerful tackle.
Might Quake Might Quake 12 SP Slams fists on the ground to knock down enemies.
Straight Right Straight Right 25 SP Throws full weight into a powerful punch.
Uppercut Uppercut 25 SP Double uppercut that launches the enemy.
Earth Knocker Earth Knocker 25 SP Creates a shockwave on the ground to attack from afar.
Roundhouse Kick Roundhouse Kick 25 SP Spins on the spot to attack all enemies nearby.
Blaster Kick Blaster Kick 50 SP Kicks repeatedly and finishes off with a knockdown.
Kaiser Rush Kaiser Rush 50 SP Unleashes countless punches followed by straight right.
Wild Rage Wild Rage 50 SP Releases a wall of fire. Powerful but slow recovery.
Grand Slam Grand Slam 100 SP Unleashes the ultimate combo followed by smack down.
Ultimate Strike Ultimate Strike
Note: Multiple EXTRA skills available, see this page for details

Support Ability[]

  • Stun rate multiplier