Dogi (ドギ) is Adol Christin's long-time companion and best friend, the blue-haired kindly giant with a knack for crushing walls (or boulders) with his bare hands. Introduced as a thief who breaks Adol out of prison in the first Ys, he has become Adol's traveling companion in the majority of the series.

In Alternative Saga, Dogi is a formidable opponent in the right hands, having by far the highest endurance of all the characters and surprisingly high power. While he's dreadfully slow, his strength combined with the usefulness and sheer power of his skills makes him a good choice for moderate to skilled players. 


  • He is known for his skill for crushing walls. He does this at least once in every game that he appears in. This has earned him a fan nickname "Dogi the Wallcrusher".
  • Dogi makes a brief cameo in one of Adol's memories in Ys: Memories of Celceta.
  • He is mentioned via one of the treasure chests in Trails in the Sky SC (Sapphirl - Altered Space 5) stating: "Dogi the Wall Crusher's got nothing on Estelle the Treasure Taker."
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