Doctor Daleyon (ダレヨン先生), formerly Reverend Daleyon, is a doctor that works to treat the poor in the Old Town Sanctuary. He was originally the head priest in the Altago Sanctuary, but he was expelled when he didn't charge any offerings for those he treated. Daleyon believed that the temple should not use faith for money.

Daleyon played an important role when he was tasked with treating Maya who somehow contracted the Iskan Fever. When Adol couldn't get any Scarlet Crystals from Zanzibar, Daleyon was the one that suggested there may be some left in the Old Waterways.

Later on, when the infection rate of the Iskan fever skyrocketed in Altago including the current head priest in the temple, Daleyon started treating everyone in the Altago Sanctuary.

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