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Dana Iclucia (ダーナ・イクルシア?) is the main female protagonist in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, and is first introduced as the mysterious blue-haired girl who appears in Adol’s dreams.



Dana is a young woman with blue hair and aqua eyes. She wears the midriff baring traditional Eternian outfit, bridal gauntlets, detached sleeves, faulds, and knee high sandals. She ties her long hair in twin tails, decorated with white ribbons and a hairband. Dana uses her Crescent Moon Blades while rotating her body to pull off speedy attacks one after an other.

In Gratika style, Dana has tanned skin, green hair and green eyes. She wields a giant wooden hammer.

In Luminous style, Dana has orange hair and aqua eyes. She dual wields a pair of katar.


Despite her elegant appearance, she has a wild imagination and behaves impulsively and recklessly, much to the dismay of her peers. If Dana thinks someone or something is in trouble, she'll risk life and limb to save it.


Dana comes from the Eternian era, an extinct civilization who had previously lived on the Isle of Seiren. She is considered to be pretty small comparatively to her species despite of her blood as an Eternian. She succeeded the post of Maiden of the Great Tree, a position of the highest order of Eternia's Religion, and serves the Great Tree of Origins.

She became one the Wardens of Evolution after defeating the Ancient Beast of Mist. However, she later sealed herself at the base of the Great Tree in order to avoid that role, to reawaken in Adol's era, and to stop the Lacrimosa.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana[]

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In the Epilogue, it was said that Dana's existence was erased from the memories of the Castaways except Adol who wanted to find her. However, in the True Ending, her memories with everyone were recovered thanks to the Earth Goddess Maia. She soon takes over the Great Tree of Beginning and the Providence of Evolution's (Theos de Endrogram) task and becomes the new Goddess of Evolution; together with the four Wardens of Evolution as her cohorts.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox[]

She makes a brief appearance in a sidequest after collecting Azure Petals.

Character Notes[]

Dana Iclucia
Dana Iclucia

A mysterious woman whom Adol has been dreaming of. The chosen Maiden of the Great Tree for the Kingdom of Eternia.

Character Note 1.png Lost Memories
Awakens in Castaway Village with her memories lost. She seems to have lived in an era when Primordials flourished...
Character Note 2.png Defiant Warden
Though chosen to become a Warden of Evolution, she defied the Lacrimosa by sealing herself away.
Character Note 3.png Shared Fates
She apologized to Adol before the final battle, after realizing that she must have chosen him to be the next Warden.
Character Note 4.png Goddess of Evolution
She forfeited her existence to become the Goddess of Evolution. The Lacrimosa will be overseen by her from now on.

Character Relationships[]


Dana's childhood friend. She’s a hard worker that is tough on herself and those around her. While she does often make cautious remarks towards Dana who always finds ways to get in trouble, she has acknowledged Dana’s rich imagination and decisiveness since they were kids. Olga may have a different way of thinking and living compared to Dana, but has always protected her friend since they were children and continued doing so even as they grew older.

After Dana's succession as the Maiden, she served as the Chief Priestess despite her option to return home. She's one of the few Eternians to know about Dana's ability to communicate to Adol's era, and helped her to reveal the reason of their civilization's extinction. She suffered her death a year after Dana escorted some of the Eternians to the southern countries.


Dana’s childhood friend and co-candidate for the Maiden's Post. Sarai has a gentle and cheerful personality, and treats everyone equally. She loved listening to rumors as a kid, and would watch over Dana the troublemaker who caused trouble to those around her, and Olga who would scold her for it, when they were young.

Later in the story, it was revealed that the real Sarai had died when she was younger, and that the Sarai that Dana knew was a projection created by Ura, a Warden of Evolution who had the power to shape-shift and imitate others.

Adol Christin[]

Dana appeared in Adol's dreams in which he experiences her life as if it were his own. He is the next Warden chosen by Dana however everything turned upside down when the two rebelled on their roles and became the natural distortion of the metempsychosis or Lacrimosa. Dana knew him even before Adol's arrival and was inspired by his adventures. He was the reason of her determination to stop the next Lacrimosa.

She promised Adol she'd tell her premonition before their fight with Oceanus which she fulfilled at the true epilogue and embraced him as a sign of thanks and gratefulness. Depending on the choice, Dana responds that she's really glad she met Adol or She'll never forget him and had a very sentimental farewell with her promise.


Dana is an all-rounder who boasts incredible speed and attack range. She wields various Essence skills and can fight any opponent.


Name Stats Materials Acquire
Crescent.png Crescent STR +103 N/A Default weapon
These crescent blades are Dana's weapon of choice.
Note: Only in Eternian Era
Edelsphere.png Edelsphere Lv. 1 STR +157 N/A Default weapon
Lv. 2 STR +165 Tectite Ore Tectite Ore x3
Sparkling Mucus Sparkling Mucus x3
Lv. 3 STR +174 Tectite Ore Tectite Ore x6
Sparkling Mucus Sparkling Mucus x6
These orichalcum cresecent blades were a gift from a close friend.
Note: Upgrades not available in Eternian Era
Celestria.png Celestria Lv. 1 STR +191 Essence Stone Essence Stone x3 Synthesize from Edelsphere
Lv. 2 STR +200 Essence Stone Essence Stone x2
Thunder Claw Thunder Claw x2
Lv. 3 STR +209 Essence Stone Essence Stone x3
Thunder Claw Thunder Claw x4
Eternian crescent blades that shines with radiant wisdom.
Caduceus.png Caduceus Lv. 1 STR +218 Essence Stone Essence Stone x5 Synthesize from Celestria
Lv. 2 STR +227 Essence Stone Essence Stone x3
Ancient Mucus Ancient Mucus x3
Lv. 3 STR +236 Essence Stone Essence Stone x5
Ancient Mucus Ancient Mucus x6
Devestaingly sharp crescent blades that contains the soul of a Saurian.
Corona Iliad.png Corona Iliad Lv. 1 STR +259
DEF +5
Dragon Crest Stone Dragon Crest Stone x3 Synthesize from Caduceus
Lv. 2 STR +268
DEF +5
Dragon Crest Stone Dragon Crest Stone x2
Sunlight Fang Sunlight Fang x2
Lv. 3 STR +277
DEF +5
Dragon Crest Stone Dragon Crest Stone x3
Sunlight Fang Sunlight Fang x4
Mystical crescent blades that bond with their user and unleash blindingly fast cuts.
Spirit Ring Celesdia.png Spirit Ring Celesdia STR +281
DEF +10
N/A Rescued all fairies
Crescent blades containing the power of spirits. As they grow in power, Dana's Essence responds in kind.
Note: Note in Vita version.
full list -edit


Icon Skill Name Impact Stun Break Cost Acquire
Dragon Spirit.png Dragon Spirit  -   -   -  1 SP Default Skill
Slowly drains SP to unleash power hidden within.
Twin Edge.png Twin Edge C+ C+ C+ 10 SP Default Skill
Slice surrounding enemies with both blades.
Boomerang Edge.png Boomerang Edge B C+ A+ 20 SP Default Skill
Hurl a blade to damage and draw the enemy in.
Twin Moon Blade.png Twin Moon Blade B B B 20 SP Lv. 42
Attack the enemy with two elegant slashes.
Elemental Shot.png Elemental Shot C C D 14 SP Lv. 44
Enhance your Energy and release a light bullet forward.
Earth Dragon.png Earth Dragon B+ B++ C++ 30 SP Lv. 51
Stab blades into the ground to blow foes back.
Dragon Wave.png Dragon Wave B+ A++ C 32 SP Master Kong
Unleash the body's energy and blow enemies away.
Sonic Rise.png Sonic Rise C++ C+ C+ 12 SP Lv. 54
Slice encroaching enemies with razor-sharp winds.
Spiel Round Dance.png Spiel Round Dance A++ A A+ 40 SP Lv. 59
Move and strike with an elegant flurry of attacks.
Ice Age.png Ice Age A++ C C 48 SP Freeze Manual
Unleash absolute cold to freeze all who approach.
Mistral Edge.png Mistral Edge B B+ B+ 18 SP Lv. 63
A flowing rotating attack that hunts the enemy down with one strike.
Water Burst.png Water Burst A+ C+ C 52 SP Lv. 67
Summon a sphere of water to absorb all in range.
Extra Skill Glacial Blade Dance
Multiple EXTRA skills available, see this page for details

Style Change[]

During Dana's era, she can switch into Gratika style and Luminous style, which are similar in concept to the Three Weapons system in previous Ys games. Dana's skills will change depending on the style she is currently using, they also let her solve puzzles in the Sanctuary Crypt:

  • Iclucian style: Her default style. It increases SP gain and is well-balanced between attack and defense, and can also extinguish the brazier's sacred flames.
  • Gratika style: She uses a giant hammer with slow attacks. It gives Dana higher defense and attacks that can stun or knock away enemies, it can also can crack stone structures and resist strong winds.
  • Luminous style: She uses a pair of katar which are quick and focused on combos. It has high attack power and speed, but very low defense, and can reveal invisible objects as well as resist heat and cold.

Musical Themes[]

Dana's Theme

Dana's musical theme is called "Dana", continuing the Ys tradition of having a musical track named after the respective game's heroine. Several tracks in Ys VIII contain a motif of Dana's theme, including "The Sibylline Road", "Theos-De-Endrogram", "Volitional Decision", "Garden of Celen", "Yesterday in Etania", and more.

In the Ys VIII Super Ultimate album, "Dana" received an arrangement by Yukihiro Jindo. A cover of "Yesterday in Etania" with lyrics and the alternate title, "Beyond the Flowing Night", was sung by Yuuri Suehiro.


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana[]


  • She is the only main playable character in a game that features Adol, though just for certain sections of the game.
    • In those sections, she is the only character that can change damage types seamlessly.
  • There is a bug that can bring all three of Dana's forms into Adol's time, they will appear as if they are your party members. With this bug, all three of Dana's form are shown to have the "Slash" attribute.
  • She shares the same Japanese voice actress, Saori Onishi, with Carla Pendleton.
  • In Ys I & II Chronicles, there is a gravestone in Ramia village that says "Here lies Dana, the Displaced."
    • The original line in Japanese is, "『美しきアデル』 ここに眠る。" which roughly translates to, "Adele the Beautiful lies here."

A panel in Falcom Gakuen stating Olga's height.

  • In a Tweet, Falcom stated that Dana is 21cm shorter than Olga.[1]
    • In a Falcom Gakuen panel in Monthly Falcom Magazine Vol 73, it is stated that Olga's height 193cm. This makes Dana 172cm.