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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana


Crescent Moon Blades

Attack Attribute


Exclusive Skill

Ice Edge

Extra Skill

Glacial Blade Dance
Destruction Glimmer
Lightning Fang Flash


Maiden of the Great Tree (Eternian Era)
Warden of Evolution
Goddess of Evolution (present)

First Appearance

Chapter 1

Voice Actress (JP)

Saori Onishi

Voice Actress (EN)

Brianna Knickerbocker

Dana Iclucia (ダーナ・イルクルシア) is the main female protagonist in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, and is first introduced as the mysterious blue-haired girl who appears in Adol’s dreams.

Dana comes from the Eternian era, an extinct civilization who had previously lived on the Isle of Seiren. She is considered to be pretty small comparatively to her species despite of her blood as an Eternian. She succeeded the post of Maiden of the Great Tree, a position of the highest order of Eternia's Religion, and serves the Great Tree of Origins.

She became one the Wardens of Evolution after defeating the Ancient Beast of Mist. However, she later sealed herself at the base of the Great Tree in order to avoid that role, to reawaken in Adol's era, and to stop the Lacrimosa.

In the Epilogue, it was said that Dana's existence was erased from the memories of the Castaways except Adol who wanted to find her. However, in the True Ending, her memories with everyone were recovered thanks to the Earth Goddess Maia. She soon takes over the Great Tree of Beginning and the Providence of Evolution's (Theos de Endrogram) task and became the new Goddess of Evolution; together with the four Wardens of Evolution as her cohorts.

Gameplay Edit

In battle, Dana uses her Crescent Moon Blades while rotating her body to pull off speedy attacks one after an other.

Storyline Edit

Most of Dana's story were told on Adol's dream that started on his first night at Castaway Village in the Seiren Island.

As a child, Dana lived on a distant part of Seiren Island with her parents. She has the potency to use the Essence that creates accurate visions of the future. The child terrifies it eventually and her mother suppressed the essence with an amulet allowing Dana to live as a normal girl.

Yet, her mother died, trapped within their burning home. Dana blamed her for cowering away of the Essence, the blessing she feared, had she didn't feared it, her mother would've lived.

Dana embraced her fate and her ability. She wanted to prevent future tragedies by accepting the Priestess' proposal as a Maiden candidate. Her father wasn't happy with her decision, even if knowing the decree for all candidates. Eventually, Dana met several candidates on her arrival at the temple including Olga and Sarai- which would soon be her two bestfriends. This is also the first dream Adol envisions on his first night at the Castaway Village.

During Adol's next dream, Dana is wandering around like she always did. Although this time, she's searching for something at the base of the Great Tree of Origin. In midpoint, Dana experiences a vision: a lady in the midst of its slumber inside the tree. She doesn't know who it is either. She gets interrupted by the Old afterwards, and told her of the lady inside the Great Tree. Surprised by her revelation, the Maiden asks Dana to keep it a secret between them. Later on, her friends caught up to her red handed.

On the next dream, Dana, Olga, and Sarai are on a run into the Temple's water reservoir to save their Temple from fire. Dana asked the two to concentrate their Essence in collapsing the walls of the reservoir in order to save their temple. Although Olga rejects her solution as the reservoir is the temple's only water reserve. Yet in the end, the trio amasses their Essence and successfully stopped the flames engulfing their temple. The three afterwards would've faced detention only if the Old Maiden disapproved their action. Needless to say, the Maiden saw potential in Dana as a Maiden regardless of her reckless methods.

Dana grows significantly as the years pass by, and ultimately turned as the next Maiden. Her influence is now equal to the Aegian Queen- which was actually her friend Sarai- while Olga accepts her new post as the Chief Priestess.

In order to be formally recognized as the new Maiden, Dana must complete the trial of Arboreal Awakening. This trial is commenced by offering a prayer to a planted seedling at the Great Valley. She must also endure the climb alone whilst fighting native faunas on the way. As she set her prayers to the seedling she planted, Dana experienced of a vision:

A Blue starry night sky and calm seas, as the two moons illuminating the waters. Quickly that the current changes into deadly storm and thunderclouds, waves began to increase its height and as if for a moment she instantly drowns.
Even if it's a vision, Dana felt drowning. Her attendant asks of the vision and lied with a straight face. But Olga seemed unconvinced. Still, her vision was precise and possibly the Lombardia taken down, and as if she is indeed Adol. Eventually, Dana would have weird dreams as if she is Adol herself.

Within an expedition that composed of Adol, Laxia, Ricotta, Sahad, and Hummel - Dana gets contacted by Adol via a magical crystal in the nearby cliffs emanating the ruins of the Aegian City. Learning of the reasons for contacting her, Dana proceeded to plant the same seedling - a prayer tree - which grew bigger and large enough to create a natural bridge that Adol's company uses to enter the ruined city. She later did it again at the Great Temple's entrance - creating another bridge into its hallway. Later on, the group found a concealed and unconscious girl - Dana herself.

Adol finds a way to break the orb and the group decides to take her back to their base. The survivors have so many questions about her true identity, and why she is sealed alone. But the chitchat gets interrupted by an incoming beast raid due to the increasing fauna activity and for the first time, a Primordial leads it. The whole village is almost at the nick of destruction until Dana put up a show - joining the others for a triumphant victory. The village celebrated their successful defense and Dana's decision to be one with the castaways.

As Adol on his group plans the next expedition, Dana shares them that she's lost her memories. She also had no idea what the insignia on her left shoulder symbolizes for, and that she only relied to Adol's dreams and their plan to leave the Seiren Island for good. Dana however, remembers the name of the mythical sea serpent Oceanus (probably depicted in Greek Mythology as Oceanus, the Titan God of the Sea and Poseidon's Nemesis). She also shared that the information about the creature is stored inside the Baja Tower.

Adol, Dana, and the others agree to stop by at Baja Tower in order to learn the nature of Oceanus. They would pass later on at the top cliff surrounding the chasm that likely devoured half of the ruined city. But then Dana feels pain or a trauma on her head as she forces her mind to remember the structure that stood before that very large chasm. Unbeknownst for what causes her pain, the group takes her away from it to let her rest in order for them to continue the expedition.

The chasm aside, they finally reached the Baja Tower under no access to its entrance. Adol decides to interact with the past Dana. To do so Dana channeled her Essense power as connection to her past self. The Dana in the past successfully connected to him. But she never anticipated to get sealed, never knowing how, when and whose responsible. She acknowledges their civilization would be obliterated long before the castaways arrive. Yet still the lingering sensation to see their bustling city as well as its inhabitants were all dead.

Then again, Dana isn't accepting the fate that beholds them and pursues to find a way and contradict what the future foretold. She created a path using prayer tree in the Baja Tower's base to help them. Unbeknownst to her, the others experienced the past just like Adol had. Adol, Dana and company proceeded to the tower's top floor of archives and by Dana's inscription, Oceanus has a lair exactly at the large chasm's waters.

With all the information they needed to defeat the mythical beast gathered, Dana uses her ability to teleport everyone back into the Village via an Essence Crystal. In order to use this feat again and again, Dana assisted Euron in crafting the teleportation ring so that the crew won't need to rely on Dana's essence every time.

They all assembled on the fireplace including the other village leaders to share the information they retrieved from the Tower's archives and a way to lure the beast and kill it once and for all. However, they need to find a path to its lair, not by diving straight down but by an underground path inside the Aegian City. They explored the city ruins, successfully finding a path via Aegian Castle using a Prayer Tree planted by the past Dana. With the problem automatically solved, the crew journeyed the depths of the castle and to the rift heading to the beast's lair. Beneath are shipwrecks including the Lombardia which was once a proud sailing ship.

After the successful reconnaissance, the group returned home to assemble an extermination plan. The expedition group lead by Adol and Dana are entrusted with combating the beast at its lair whilst the remainder of able survivors plan to lure it back to its home in an extent of wounding it with trebuchet ballistics. Though before the group pushed on to battle Oceanus - Dana and Adol promised on another that they'll see this through together.

Throughout the fight, Oceanus resisted and was pushed back into its home, injured yet still deadly for its size, and yet they are extremely prepared for this big fight. Oceanus eventually was taken down for good with no way for it to survive for another day. In the aftermath, Dana saw a vision that's seemingly from her past and never shared into the others.

Following their victory, the whole village celebrated in the night after the beast's defeat. Without Oceanus' territorial claims of Seiren Island's waters, they focus on building up a ship that's capable of traversing the ocean and to have a safe trip out of the cursed island. Dana, as the festivities continues, goes alone to the nearby shore for a breather. Adol follows her later and both got a moment to speak alone. She felt grateful to Adol and the others who helped her, while the both fulfilled their promise before the fight. The beast aside, Dana wanted the castaways to focus on their mission to escape the island, but as for her, there are still things need to be done. She doesn't want anybody else to get involved to what happens next. She never mentions her vision to Adol after Oceanus' death.

Adol would be forced into Dana's memories again. As the latter is on her usual day to day ritual, Dana received a threatening vision of meteor strike that will ravage their city. She assembles their leaders including Queen Sarai and Olga to prepare preventive measures following Dana's vision. She requested to use the city tower's Essence Crystals and able servants to errect the barrier that will protect their city.

With a moment's notice, everyone is on their post. Priestesses man the tower for maintaining the barrier, foot soldier are entasked of securing and evacuating the citizens, the Great Temple servants prepares the place for shelter, and the leaders foresees the operation at the Palace's balcony. They pray to the Great Tree for protection, for all that is doing their for their nation.

Without any signal, meteorites start to rain on the barrier seemingly holding its own. Everyone watches the sky for every rocks exploding above the barrier. Then came the next wave with bigger meteorites smashing the protection. The barrier starts showing crack with every pound smashing it, the other areas are also showing the splinter as much larger rocks falls down. One of those pierced the barrier and destroyed a nearby structure. Dana and Olga rushes from the Palace into the Tower to assist the barrier's recovery. But as the two reaches the Palace's circle, an incredible mist blocks their part, separating the two apart.

Dana later see herself on a deadlock battle with an ancient Primordial, an Ancient Beast of Mist, but she defeated it single-handedly. The mist began to fade and Olga's voice echoes into the circle. They would never be able to reach the tower as the largest meteorite smashes into the city docks. With all its size, it also carries the most lethal impact to the barrier itself. Its landfall created devastating explosion, shockwave that topples every tree on its path, large fume of smoke covered the atmosphere.

Dana was shocked to see their city destroyed, she felt like a failure just like when she was a child. Her negative emotion, her fear and all instigated a mysterious insignia on her left shoulder. She feel the agony as the mark appears, putting her on her knees. An enigmatic female on hooded robes appears on front of the Palace bridge clamoring on Dana's victory against the beast. The woman asked or ordered her to head into the Valley of Kings. But the valley itself is forbidden, even with her position, and only the Royal Bloods are free to enter.

The catastrophe ended but in an expense of a destroyed civilization. Dark clouds that came from burning land and fumes from the meteor strike blocked the sunlight. The city irrigation were damage, rivers buried by landslides, and crops wither due to the lack of water and decreasing temperature. The citizens started to leave the capital for good.

Their nation was left into disarray after Queen Sarai's disappearance after the disaster. Dana, Olga and the other officials were left on their own to lead the city. However, the citizens accused their Maiden, Dana, of witchcraft, and blaming the every bad things that happened including the tragedy. They wanted her dead, they mourn too much of their loved ones that died that day. They are even prepared to kill her at the streets. Only the temple servants remained loyal to her.

Dana has gone to Valley of Kings on her own the next day without any notice for the others. Worried for her safety, the expedition group decided to track her down. Even knowing that they're already barging on other people's business, Adol wanted to see this through due to his curiosity even for his luck to be on the "Wrong place at the wrong time".

The expedition group started to track her path outside the village and later on into the entrance of Lodinia Marsh. Dana though would seem likely have proceeded further. They even interacted with past-Dana again for a prayer tree into the marsh's entrance, but then Dana appeared to persuade them not to follow her further. Yet Ricotta persuaded her instead to have them assist her on her plight, and Dana accepted it, regretting her decision to pursue this alone.

The crew were able to arrive at the entrance of the Valley of Kings, as the night is nigh, they erect a camp to rest for tomorrow's adventure. But as they prepare to enter the valley in the morrow, Paro arrived to give them a message of an alarming raid on the village, and that the rest of the villagers can't defend the place without them. The raid was dangerous enough with all the Primordials present. Grasping their own breath after the raid, the whole village was puzzled with the formations of the beasts as if they were organized by someone - as peculiar as it is.

They were left with no option but to do intel by themselves. Adol, Dana and the others headed on to check the abnormality at the Gendarme's Summit and saw the phenomenon with their own eyes. Strange as it is, the beasts definitely came inside the Great Tree of Origins. Even the tree itself has transformed, with thick mist enveloping its peak, the only way to see it directly is by the temple

Dana, Adol and the others arrived onto the base of the Great Tree, but the mist itself has covered the bridge and made it harder for them to approach it. With every step they take, they got separated one by one. Adol found himself into a battle with the same beast Dana fought. The others tried their best to reunite with the others but they also returned at the Tree's entrance. In an instant Adol felt the same pain like Dana as an insignia appeared. Then, four mysterious figures appeared from the fading mist: Hydra, Minos, Nestor, and the particular woman Ura. They stated their titles as chosen Wardens of Evolution by the Great Tree itself and welcomed their two new recruits: Dana and Adol, and once again asked the latter to head into Seren Garden beneath the Valley of Kings.

While the undead infesting the valley, the group successfully arrived into Seren Garden. For a moment they felt the peacefulness for its silence, awed its serene environment even if the place is full of debris, and as if there was another thing hidden enough to make it holy. The garden aside, they proceeded into an empty room next door where a monolith stood, they tried to access the instrument although it needed the credentials of a royalty, and without someone, the archives will be sealed within forever. That's when Ura appeared out of nowhere and gave them the access to the Monolith's data, literally they found the truth about the Origin Tree's existence and its metempsychosis, the Lacrimosa.

The other wardens also appeared and simply explained who they are and even their civilization, as they also tried to stop the impending Lacrimosa on their era and failed to accomplish their task - falling onto their current title as Wardens and Observer for the Great Tree. Dana meanwhile figured that the Ura standing in front of them is none other than Sarai herself, or a person who inherited the person's body and personality.

Hydra, who is the first person to discover the Tree of Psyches on Seren Garden, explained that it is the only thing that can withstand the immense strength of the Great Tree. He tried to nurture the tree with their people's psyches but they failed to grow it faster to stop the Lacrimosa. This turned on to the same result on the next three civilization, while the next Lacrimosa is predicted to happen with Adol's arrival on the Seiren Island. Adding they have no reason to stop Adol and Dana's objective, and instead they gave them a reliable force to stop the Lacrimosa. If this would happen, Adol's physique will be the foundation of the primal beings roaming the new world. The wardens would afterwards gain them access inside the Great Tree of Origins as they are fully wanted to stop the Lacrimosa.

Still, the tree itself had also perished on Dana's era although it was probably on the meteor disaster aftermath and the decaying ruins. Afterwards, they asked the past-Dana to protect the Tree of Psyches with a prayer tree.

At the past, Dana also nurtured the Tree of Psyches but her people started dying. The weather abnormalities reached the highest risk, their island completely buried in snow. The thick clouds still covers the atmosphere, Olga also died for the severe weather and Dana was left on her own, without anyone to support her. But with the hope she saw on the future, Dana resisted her calling as a warden and sealed herself at the base of the Great Tree.

With the past Dana's task complete, Adol, Dana and their friends were invited to the inside world of the Great Tree of Origins, the Octus Overlook. The Wardens guided them on obtaining the sealed psyches of past civilization in order to relay it back into the Tree of Psyches, this includes defeating the wardens on the process. They were able to retain Hydra's civilization, then Minos', Nestor's came next, and lastly the psyches of Ura's people. However the psyche of Dana's civilization was not sealed inside the Great Tree for her treason of her role. They quickly returned to the Seren Garden in order to collect the psyches, and Adol was chosen by Dana to wield the tree's power given that he is from this civilization and probably the protector. With Dana's guidance, Adol proceeded to absorb the energy within the tree with his sword, morphing it into its ultimate form, the Mistiltein.

With their trump card retrieve, Dana, Adol and their friends returned to the Octus Overlook to end the Lacrimosa's cycle once and for all. He broke the barrier protecting the inner most sanctum with his sword, creating a path towards Theos de Endrogram, the Providence of Evolution itself, resides. Afterwards the battle has gone too difficult due to its its massive body, changing also its body attributes from slash, hit, and even pierce to defend itself from their attacks. Yet the power of the Mistleteinn proved enough that the impossible is possible as Dana and Adol combined their most powerful Skills to finish Theos de Endrogram.

Their mission was fulfilled and the cycle of Lacrimoas is finally been stopped. Every single Primordials that came out of the Great Tree dissipates into nothing, then the Octus Overlook became too silent but the outside world was not. Ura/Sarai came to them to inform that the world is being engulf into the light, the complete end of all things.

The group was on the verge of giving up, Laxia in particular was in doubt of their doings, questioning the others if their actions did made a good thing for the world. Unconvinced to the thoughts of the others, Dana figured something out and used her Essence to disrupt the end of the world. The next thing happened is all of the expedition group except Dana was now at the Castaway Village. Adol, in particular, woke up quickly as if his dream about Dana and their adventure was just a dream. Adol although was the only person who remembered Dana, and everything that had happened in the past days. After he talked with Ricotta, Hummel, Sahad, he proceeded to the Essence Crystal to transport into the city of Aegias by himself.

Oblivious as it is, Aegias was no more and the place is now but a large a forest: the buildings which would've erected on the far horizons are no longer there, neither its high towers, the stone streets, the Tree Temple, and ultimately the Great Tree itself. Ricotta, Laxia, Hummel, and Sahad also came to the place telling Adol they felt like something was dragging them there. The four also felt an obnoxious feeling in that place and joined Adol to unravel the mystery.

Little Paro appeared flying down the Maple tree that stands on the hill infront of a high water falls. The parrot then talked into unusual words they never heard before and transformed itself into the Earth Goddess Maia. She then gave their memories back, everything that they learned and every memories of the past world. Adol however was clearly unaffected of the brain wash due to his role as Warden of Evolution and had preserved his memories of Dana. Lady Maia informed that she was forced to awoken by Dana before the light engulfed the world. She explain to them that Dana completely sacrificing her own flesh to replace Theos de Endrogram - and with fully dispersing the power of Mistilteinn, and Dana's Essence has she been able to build the now new world. The Goddess ultimately confessed she was responsible for the Lacrimosa and Great Tree's existence adding it was needed so it will not make her bored, and that the world for her is just a long dream. Everything: the life, the incidents, catastrophes are parts of it and everything will collapse once she wakes up.

They asked the goddess to where Dana is now, and Lady Maia offered them a path into the Abyss of Evolution where they might see her. Without any doubt they entered the Abyss, battled monsters and pave their way into the light seen in the horizon. That is where they battled and defeated the Origin of Life, only to return to the hill where the Goddess Maia stood, empty handed.

Confused to why returned without Dana the Goddess mentioned that she is now a "concept" of someone who can be everywhere. And then a being slowly showed herself beside the goddess, that was Dana. Ricotta embraced her quickly, Dana's appearance was different as she wears white robes with see-through silk dress below her chest. Her hair is tied in a different manner with blue leaves appearing on her forehead.

The goddess Maia announced Dana as the new goddess, the Goddess of Evolution. The new goddess entasked to watch the world, use the Lacrimosa if it deems the world for a rebirth. She however was not confident on her role especially because the Lacrimosa, the thing she fear most is now on her hands. Yet she employed the ex-protectors of evolution as her cohorts to help her watch the world. Hydra assured them it will be used when saving the world from collapsing, while Nestor warned them if it came quick the judgement will be given fast.

Lady Maia told Dana for she must sleep once again. Dana gave her last words to her friends. She gave her thanks for their help, grateful perhaps. Especially to Adol whom she have the best connections. Without him, the Lacrimosa would've been complete. She knew Adol before they met and was inspired by his adventures, also what he has done and his friends to the world. She gave her last thank you to Adol with a hug and tears before she faded away with her cohorts and Lady Maia.

Character Relationships Edit

Olga Edit

Dana's childhood friend. She’s a hard worker that is tough on herself and those around her. While she does often make cautious remarks towards Dana who always finds ways to get in trouble, she has acknowledged Dana’s rich imagination and decisiveness since they were kids. Olga may have a different way of thinking and living compared to Dana, but has always protected her friend since they were children and continued doing so even as they grew older.

After Dana's succession as the Maiden she served as the Chief Priestess despite her option to return home. She's one of the few Eternians to know about Dana's ability to communicate to Adol's era and helped her to reveal the reason of their civilization's extinction. She suffered her death a year after, Dana escorted some of the Eternians to the southern countries.

Sarai Edit

Dana’s childhood friend and co-candidate for the Maiden's Post. Sarai has a gentle and cheerful personality, and treats everyone equally. She loved listening to rumors as a kid, and would watch over Dana the troublemaker who caused trouble to those around her, and Olga who would scold her for it, when they were young.

Later in the story, it was revealed that the real Sarai had died when she was younger, and that the Sarai that Dana knew was a projection created by Ura, a Warden of Evolution who had to power to shape-shift and imitate others.

Adol Edit

Dana appeared in Adol's dreams in which he experiences her life as if it were his own. He is the next Warden chosen by Dana however everything turned upside down when the two rebelled on their roles and became the natural distortion of the metempsychosis or Lacrimosa. Dana knew him even before Adol's arrival and was inspired by his adventures. He was the reason of her determination to stop the next Lacrimosa.

She promised Adol she'd tell her premonition before their fight with Oceanus which she fulfilled at the true epilogue and embraced him as a sign of thanks and gratefulness. Depending on the choice, Dana responds that she's really glad she met Adol or She'll never forget him and had a very sentimental farewell with her promise.

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