Cruxie (クルシェ?) is the deceptively strong younger sister of Mustafa and daughter of General Dreisen. Adol and company first met her when they were looking for the current Elder of Segram in the Segram Village. It is stated that her strength surpasses even her brother.

In Ys Seven, Adol learned that Cruxie was suffering from the effects of the Iskan Fever which eventually weaken her so much she became bedridden. Aside from leaving her side briefly while Mustafa took Adol to the Fire Temple, Mustafa tended to her sickness until he was later called to meet with Adol in the Iskan Village. Afterwards, Cruxie succumbed to a delirious state. While going to the Fire Sanctum, Mustafa stopped by to check on her just to find the Fire Dragon had imparted her the words to enter the Fire Sanctum in her dream like state. After returning from the Fire Sanctum, Adol and Mustafa briefly encountered Cruxie's final moments before she died of the Iskan Fever. In a strange turn of events, the Fire Stone, condensed from the essence of the Fire Dragon, reacted towards Cruxie's residual life spark. Adol took it upon himself to use the Fire Stone to instill the life force back into Cruxie which revived her. This supposedly forms a life link between Cruxie and the Fire Stone which prevents her from staying too far away from the stone. This result compelled Mustafa to let Cruxie replace him in traveling with Adol while he looks for the remaining Dragon Sanctums as Mustafa stays in Segram.

In Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga, Crshe (known officially overseas as Cruxie, sometimes romanized as Kirsche) is a very powerful brawler with highly-damaging fire-based skills and a great balance of speed, range, and defense. While her defense isn't as high as Dogi's, she makes up for it with raw damage output--and she's at the top of her class. Lucky men only see her hammer swinging once. 

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