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Credo Aiblinger (クレド・アイブリンガー?) or Hawk ( Taka?) is a playable character in Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. He is a violent Monstrum who randomly assaults people in the city streets in the name of "divine retribution".

Not only does he have a bad habit of drinking, he loves getting into fights with others and looking for trouble. He is the least cooperative among the Monstrum. Even the other Monstrums are troubled by his behavior.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but I ain't showin' you a lick of mercy. ~ Credo Aiblinger


His true self is Credo Aiblinger, a Hieroglyph Knight. He grew up as an orphan in the church's orphanage. A prodigy in many fields, including the arts, academics, and athletics, he could master any skill in just few moments. Sadly, this talent resulted in his lacking any sense of accomplishment and self-growth and caused him to grow apart from the other people at the orphanage. The only person he would confide in was Sister Lisa, who listened his troubles and brought some stability to his life.

At some point, the son of an unnamed noble family provoked Credo into a fight by mocking the orphanage. After the noble family's son was injured in the fight, the noble family sent a group of bandits to raid the orphanage. Credo rushed to defend the orphanage and killed one of the bandits, which was the first time he killed someone. In retaliation, one of the other bandits killed Sister Lisa, who was protecting the other orphans.

The noble family was banished from Balduq for this incident, in a trial facilitated by Chatelard, which was the start of the Hieroglyph Knights' rise in control over Balduq. Credo, who had nowhere left to go, was invited to join the Hieroglyph Knights by Chatelard. Realizing the thrill of fighting for his life, he also picked up the habit of challenging strangers to battles.

In Games[]

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox[]

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This section contains plot details of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox.
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His real identity as Credo Aiblinger is revealed to Adol Christin and Krysha Pendleton in Chapter 3, after he gets knocked out in a duel with Chatelard. They then go to Balduq's Cathedral to learn more about Credo while he is recovering back at the Dandelion.

Father Ralph, the previous overseer of the church's orphanage, explains Credo's past to them. While Credo expresses annoyance at others' learning about his past, he does start cooperating with other monstrums on more persona level.

Truth of the Monstrums[]

Later in the game it was revealed that he, along with all other Monstrums is a homunculus created by Zola to fight the Grimwald Nox with Aprilis. They were originally planned to be raised and trained by Aprilis and Zola, but when Zola disappeared, Aprilis found the job too difficult to be done by herself. So she faked their identities and pretended they were war orphans to be adopted. When they became old enough to join the fight in Grimwald Nox, she sought them out and activated their power by shooting an alchemy bullet at them and turning them into Monstrums.

As for Credo, not only was he a clone of the hero who once fought with Rosvita, he is also a berserker. This is the reason why he always has an urge inside him to fight with others.



  • In the ending cutscene, he is seen to be with a group of people including Geis[1]. Toshihiro Kondo, CEO of Falcom, further confirmed that Credo went on to become a mercenary at the border between Ispani and the Romun Empire, where a lot of skirmishes occur.[2]
  • Credo and Jules are the two monstrums who do not mind the curse of the Grimwald Nox. In Credo's case, this is due to all the carnage he can wrought against the lemures although he does express irritation at being trapped in Balduq.
  • Credo is the first and only known berserker so far. It is not known if this concept will return in future games should Adol travel to neighborhood regions like Britai.
  • Credo tends to say it with hearts whenever he fights challenging opponents, which befits his nature as a berserker.