Ciarius (シアリウス) is the current acting Elder of Iska as the real Elder/Eldress is currently missing. While Ciarius lacks many of the knowledge reserved for the role of an Elder, he often studies the village archive to learn of the tribe's secrets and customs.

Some years before the events of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, Ciarius came across Geis who was looking for a spell to best his brother in combat. Taking advantage of the situation, Ciarius promised to teach Geis Iskan seal spells in return for the latter to come back to Altago someday. Ciarius probably foresaw the need of the Dragon Warrior in Altago ever since the outbreak of the war between the Kingdom of Altago and Romun Empire had started to erode the fabric in the land of Altago.

In Ys Seven, Ciarius sent Geis to the Cave of Origin to form a pact with the Moon Dragon only to find themselves a step behind Adol. Ciarius then instructed Geis to assist Adol and lead the latter to meet him in the hidden Iskan Village. Ciarius later explained the nature of the Dragon Warrior to Adol and had him to meet with each of the Dragons in their sanctums to learn more about the role's true purpose.

Even as the acting elder, the true purpose of the Dragon Warrior is unknown to Ciarius as well as the location of the Moon Sanctum and the incantation needed to enter inside. 

After the Massacre in the Palace with the Prime Minister dead, Ciarius joined with the head of the other Tribes to temporarily run the capital until the matters with the Wind of Destruction is put behind them. In the epilogue, Queen Aisha, as a representative of the tribe of Edonas made up with the Iskan people who were represented by Ciarius.

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