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Playable Characters are characters that can be controlled by the player in the game. In most of the older games, Adol Christin is the only playable character. However, starting from Ys Seven, there are party members who joins Adol on his adventures.

Main Characters[]

Series Protagonist: Adol Christin[]

Adol Christin is usually the main protagonist of the game, as each game is set as a stories told in Adol Christin's Travelogues.

In Ys Origin[]

As the only game not featuring Adol as the main protagonist, three playable characters can be chosen as the main protagonist at the start of the game. Although Adol isn't one of the main protagonist, he can be unlocked in Timed attack mode as a playable character.

Yunica Tovah Hugo Fact Toal Fact (The Claw)
Hugo Fact.jpg

In Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana[]

In certain part of the game, Dana is the only playable character. Instead of party members, Dana can switch her fighting style, and thus her attack attributes, similar to the three weapons battle system.

Iclucian Style Gratika Style Luminous Style
Dana Original.jpg
SlashSlash StrikeStrike PiercePierce

Party Members[]

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