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The first daughter of the Pendleton family, who owns the largest company in the Prison City of Balduq. Displaying excellent talent as a merchant, she is appointed by her father Riche to work at the main office. There seems to be a subtle distance growing between her and her rather shy younger sister...

Due to a certain incident in the company, she becomes involved with Adol. As a merchant, she gathers information from various places so she has some grasps on information regarding Adol.

In Games[]

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox[]

Adol first meets her when he goes to the Pendleton Company in hopes of obtaining some information about Balduq's prison. After seeing through Adol's disguise, she tasks him with finding out the culprit behind the theft of her sister Krysha's sales. Once Adol solves the case, she reveals the location of one of the secret passages into the prison and assigns Yufa and Chante to Dandelion.

Later in the game, she is arrested on charges of Monstrum collusion by the Hieroglyph Knights. Adol and his party break into the prison to rescue her during their attempt to confront Chatelard.

Character Relationships[]


Krysha Pendleton[]

Riche Pendleton[]


  • She shared the same Japanese voice actress, Saori Onishi, with Dana.
  • She is the only character who manages to figure out the identities of multiple monstrums on her own, namely White Cat and Adol.