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Captain Reed was a former Slave who turned into a Pirate after escaping from his master.

His entire Crew consisted of former Slaves and they roamed the Greek Sea attacking Nobles and freeing their Slaves.

After an announcement that the Nobles would start attacking innocent Villages if Reed didn´t let himself be captured he and his crew gave themselves up.

Reed himself was then sent to the Isle of Seiren with a crew made up of Criminals while his own crew was kept hostage.

Despite managing to reach the Isle of Seiren safely his Job to gather information about the Island failed. Several incidents among which were two separate attempts of Crew-mates to overthrow him and Reed himself getting a strong sickness saw him eventual dying on the Isle of Seiren.

This though was not his end as Reed and his crew turned into a Ghost Crew who sailed around the Island of Seiren until Adol defeated his "Grudge" which Reed was very thankful for, rewarding them with a Sea-map of the Isle of Seirens surrounding Waters.

Reeds behaviour indicated that he might be Sahads ancestor.

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