Barbado Port (バルバド港) is the port town of Esteria.

Background Edit

Barbado Port began as a simple fishing village on the coast of Esteria. It quickly bloomed into a prosperous port town after a vein of peculiarly vibrant silver was first unearthed. Suddenly, trade was booming, with a steady stream of merchants of merchants from Europe constantly coming and going.

All of that stopped, however, when the Stormwall and with it, monsters appeared: trade routes were cut off, and the Barbado townsfolk scrambled to survive amidst the hellish chaos. The younger and more headstrong among their ranks banded together to form a military in an effort to keep their elders safe and their borders unbreached.

Locations Edit

  • Bludo's Clinic
  • Militia HQ
  • Militia Armory
  • Bar
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