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Balduq (バルドゥーク?), also known as the the Prison City, is a major city located in the Gllia-Erdlingen, a Romun province located in the northeast Esterior peninsula. It serves as the setting for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox.


Balduq owes its alias of Prison City to its enormous prison, surrounded by castle walls and a moat. Traces of the city's history as a walled city can still be found throughout. Balduq serves as an important hub in this area, for which the city is lined with inns, bars, and shops for travelers and commerce. These facilities have recently expanded with a theater and public bathhouses.


There are 10 hidden dungeons within the city. Three of them contain the following enemies:

Image Name Stats Description
Blocked Path
Ys9-Plutoad.jpg Plutoad

LV: 32
HP: 625
Str: 265
Def: 299
Gold: 11
Exp: 274
Wk: Slash

The larval stage of an amphibious monster. They relentlessly seek sources of fresh meat to sate their rapid development.

Drop items: Dark Drop Thick Hide Anguished Tear
Ys9-Roche.jpg Roche

LV: 33
HP: 467
Str: 276
Def: 500
Gold: 11
Exp: 265
Wk: Strike

Maicious, rocky monsters held together by atmospheric pressure. Any obstacles in their way are promptly eliminated by the lasers fired from their eyes.

Drop items: Copper Ore Iron Ore Crimson Spar
Ys9-Cuhanni.jpg Cuhanni

LV: 33
HP: 4630
Str: 279
Def: 495
Gold: 72
Exp: 520
Wk: Strike

A massive species of crab with a tough outer shell. Their tenacious claws and foaming bubble breath prove instrumental in cornering their victims.

Drop items: Armored Shell Ultradense Bone White Meat
Ys9-Tarantiel.jpg Tarantiel

LV: 34
HP: 3710
Str: 319
Def: 347
Gold: 74
Exp: 613
Wk: None

Gigantic arachnids with sharp jaws and sturdy shells. They can spin webs of sticky thread, capturing prey with a measure of speed unbefitting their stature.

Drop items: Sturdy Shell Armored Shell Tarantiel Thread
Decrepit Underpass
Ys9-Moorgarth.jpg Moorgarth

LV: 25
HP: 504
Str: 237
Def: 214
Gold: 8
Exp: 168
Wk: Slash

Massive larvae with a taste for rotting human flesh above all else. They use their sharp red rongues to assault prospective prey.

Drop items: Light Shell Thick Hide Sturdy Shell
Ys9-Gloggury.jpg Gloggury

LV: 28
HP: 421
Str: 266
Def: 683
Gold: 10
Exp: 254
Wk: Strike

A large species of gastropod. They retreat within themselves in order to trample prey with their spike-adorned shells.

Drop items: Light Shell Sturdy Shell Anguished Tear
Road to Hidden Treasure
Ys9-Mudhu.jpg Mudhu

LV: 57
HP: 1220
Str: 581
Def: 513
Gold: 21
Exp: 1169
Wk: Slash

A species of amorphous monster that has assimilated itself with rock and gravel. Contrary to their appearance, they hunt and move with surprising agility.

Drop items: Dark Drop Anguished Tear Luminescent Fluid
Ys9-Disgaze.jpg Disgaze

LV: 59
HP: 1710
Str: 863
Def: 611
Gold: 21
Exp: 1957
Wk: None

Skeletal monster capable of powerful occultic magicks. They utilize the power of the arcane to restrain the living before delivering their final judgment with their great, bloodstained scythes.

Drop items: Anguished Tear Midnight Sun Drop Luminescent Fluid
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Decrepit Underpass and Road to Hidden Treasure are visited during sidequests related to Saradhi.

Nox points also appears around the city. They spawns Lemures when touched.

Real world analogues[]

Relation with Ys[]

Pa vo beuzet Paris (When Paris will be engulfed)
Ec'h adsavo Ker Is (Will re-emerge the City of Ys)