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A hooded woman with determined eyes and an artificial arm and leg whom Adol encounters during his breaking out of Balduq Prison. She "gifts" the power of Monstrum to Adol and forces him to fight demons in the Grimwald Nox along with other Monstrums. The gift also trapped him within the city of Balduq. She tells Adol to investigate the mysteries behind the prison city if he wishes to find out the truth behind the Grimwald Nox and break its curse.

Come forth, my Monstrums! And consume this dark night!

In Games[]

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox[]

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This section contains plot details of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox.
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She is revealed to be the historical figure of Balduq, Rosvita, who fought in the Hundred Years War between Gllia and Britai 500 years ago. After the war, she was framed and burned by the Gllia royal family who is jealous of her achievements. Aprilis is a homunculus clone of Rosvita created by Zola in his alchemy experiments in order to revive Rosvita. All Monstrums except Doll and Adol are homunculi clones of Rosvita's comrades, who fought alongside her during the war.

She and other Monstrums are given the power to fight in the Grimwald Nox in place of the gods fallen in the Hundred Years War. However, around 8 years ago, Zola disappeared without notice in search of a way to permanently break Aprilis and the Monstrums from this responsibility. Without Zola, Aprilis found it difficult to raise the infant versions of the Monstrums. So she faked their identities and pretended they were war orphans to be adopted. When they became old enough to join the fight in Grimwald Nox, she sought them out and activated their power by shooting an alchemy bullet at them and turning them into Monstrums.

Real World Reference[]

  • Rosvita is a reference to Joan of Arc. She has a similar past to Joan of Arc.
  • Rosvita's name is a reference to Hrotsvitha



  • She is one of the few characters to have more than one raid skills in a single game. Even among these characters, she is the only one to have three raid skills.
    • The other characters are Tito and Sir Carlan. Though Sir Carlan's second skill replaced his first raid skill.