Angue-Barl the Flame Dragon (焔竜 « アング=バール »), also known as the Dragon of Vitality, is one of the Five Dragons of Altago. He is revered by the people of Segram, one of the Five Tribes of Altago. His role is to observe human's usage of power.


Angue-Barl first spoke to Adol when he was lead to the Flame Altar by Mustafa. On a later visit to the deeper Flame Sanctum, the Dragon appeared before Adol and company to test their strength before granting them the Dragon's power. When the Dragon was finally subdued, he would grant Mustafa his Extra Skill as well as being condensed into the Flame Dragon Stone.

When Adol and Mustafa made their way back to the village of Segram, they caught a glimpse of the final moment of Cruxie before she fell to the sickness of the Iskan Fever. For reasons not made clear, the Flame Dragon Stone reacted to Cruxie's residual spark of life. With little hesitation, Adol used the Stone before the lifeless corpse which somehow revived Cruxie by channeling the Stone's energy to sustain her. However, Cruxie had to stay within relatively close distance to the Stone.

With the destruction of the Root, so too was the purpose of the five dragons. This meant the Dragons' role in Altago ended along with the Dragon Energy that permeated through the land. But since the Iskan Fever also disappeared, Cruxie no longer needed Angue-Barl's energy to keep her alive.

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