Altago City is the capital of the Kingdom of Altago, located in nothern Altago next to the sea. It serves as the seat of power for the Kingdom where the current monarch Aisha Sari Edonas currently resides.

The City proper is a newly constructed section which grew out of the Old Town as the population expanded. It contains the Altago Port which serves to dock and unload goods from afar that would later be brought to the Central Square to be traded.

Farther out from the pier lies the Dragon Knights naval base which serves as a place to sortie and launch voyages. However, the central command lies in the center of the city in the Dragon Knight Headquarters next to Altago Palace. It is also here that all political and economical affairs are settled.

The people in the city have attained a higher standard of living compared to the other tribes living in the outskirts of Altago. They live more lavishly through different forms of entertainments and eating out in restaurants. In particular, the people have even acquired a taste for gladiatorial battles in the local Altago City Colosseum.

Old remnants of the city can still be visited such as the Old Waterways even though they may contain unculled monsters inside.

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