Altago is a contiguous region in the northern continent of Afroca that serves as the main focus in Ys Seven. It is unknown how the name 'Altago' came to be but the Five Dragons of Altago have implied this was the name of the land since time immemorial.

Like many places, Altago is rich with minerals and other forms of resources and a wide array of landscapes such as mountains, deserts and forests. But unlike other places, Altago is unique by that a form of energy known as Dragon Energy permeates through every living and non-living beings such as plants, animals and weapons. These energy are believed to come directly from the Five Dragons themselves whose role is to sustain Altago. However, there exists some sort of balance between each of the Five Dragon's forces. When the balance is upset, there exists a catastrophic effect for every living being in Altago.

This balance is maintained by the Tribe of Iska as the other Five Tribes of Altago each seek to be in harmony with their respective Dragon's element. Ironically, if the elder or eldress of the Iskan Tribe deems the balance is upset, s/he can initiate the Rite of Demise which sets into motion the Wind of Destruction by calling forth the Root of All Existence to bring about a total annihilation to the land so it can be recreated once again.

The region has long been inhabited by the people of the Five Tribes but in recent centuries, it saw the rise of the Kingdom of Altago which has layed claim to the sovereignty to this land.

Areas[edit | edit source]

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