Alison (アリスン?) is the wife of Ed and one of the passengers of the Lombardia. Together with her husband she owns a tailoring shop in Greek. She appears as a subcharacters of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Alison is the fifth person that Adol's group has rescued.

Character Description Edit

Appearance & Personality Edit

Alison is in her early 20s and married to another castaway named Ed who owns a tailoring shop in Greek. She wears a headband and ties her curly blue hair at near edge, and wears a golden laced blue pendant. Her white laced dress express golden outline at the neckline that goes all the way to her upper chest, her aquamarine lace is tied up her stomach and hands between all the way of her back. Her skirt goes way down her knees layered with aquamarine outlines and frills, her legs are covered with white long socks and leather sandals. Alison covers her upper dress with a short sleeved red jacket that goes way down her middle torso.

Character Plot Edit

Alison and her husband Ed boarded the Lombardia for a vacation. The night before the incident, both of them attended the welcoming party. After that, Alison drifted to the rocky parts of White Sand Beach without her husband.

Dogi told Adol about the footprints he saw where he was washed ashore, where Alison was later found on escorted to Castaway Village. Alison was also depressed to know Ed wasn't found yet but she set up a tailor shop with Dogi's help, and offered to create accessories, light armor and apparel for Adol's party.

Meanwhile Alison was constantly worrying about her husband, and due to her delicate condition, other castaways were often concerned for her health. She later collapsed in front of Adol, and the doctor reveals she is pregnant.

Shortly after Ed reunites with her at Castaway Village, Alison safely delivers their baby boy by assistance of Licht and Sister Nia. Even though the birth was premature, both Alison and the baby are healthy. Ed in return gives his support for their village as the head tailor.

End Plot Edit

After the disaster-to-be was foiled by Adol's group, Alison and the other individual castaway's memories of Primordials were removed. She leaves the Isle of Seiren together with the other castaways on the new ship they built, with their future locations untold.

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