Aisha (アイシャ?), whose full name is Aisha Sari Edonas (アイシャ・サリ・エドナス?), is the current monarch of the Kingdom of Altago and the successor in the line of the Edonas Tribe. She is the daughter of king Kiemarl. In Ys Seven, she is princess, and sole heir to the throne. Aisha doesn't much care for high society, and frequently sneaks out the royal palace to see the world in place of her ill father. After meeting Adol, she sees the perfect opportunity for an adventure unlike any other, and invites herself along for the ride.


Aisha is a carefree and young-spirited girl that won't let a simple palace gate nor Sigroon get in her way of exploring the outside world.

She has a very strong bond with her father, proved by the fact that she went outside the palace so she can go on an adventure across the world and come back to tell his father about it, since his father is ill and has a dream to see the world.

She is a little clumsy, like in the time when she almost got her true identity revealed while in the town.


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